Compare and contrast reverse faults and thrust faults?



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    Reverse faults and thrust faults are the same basic concept, thrust faults just occur at a lower angle of dip than reverse faults.  What happens in both is that two plates interact by moving towards eachother (rather than away in a normal fault).  This usually causes one plate to move above another plate.  A thrust fault is just a reverse fault that occurs at less than a 45 degree angle.  Thus, the interaction of one plate moving over another plate occurs at less than 45 degrees, so the angle isn’t as steep.

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    A thrust fault is in the catagory of reverse faults. It happens when the angle of the fault line is less than 45 degrees. So, it would have an angle that is closer to horizontal with the Earth than vertical. Thrust faults happen more because of movement in the upper crust, such as magma rising up.

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