compare and contrast (p) and (s)secondary waves. How are they used to determine the nature of the layers of earth. How might they be used to determine the epicenters or earthquakes. Compare the contrast thes plate boundries; devergent, convergent, and

transform fault. List examples of each.

I have answered these questions but I need reassurance that I’m write. I’ve been in an accident and cant read very well, so any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.



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    Primary (p) waves

    • also called compression waves
    •  manipulate whatever they travel through by compressing and dilating the medium
    • share many characteristics with sound waves

    Secondary (s) waves

    • also called shear waves
    • move at half the speed of p waves
    • can only trve through rock

    Both p and s waves bend when they reach a point where the material they are travelling through changes. They also both trvel slower in hotter temperatures. The behavior of these waves indicate what type of material they are traveling through in the Earth’s interior.

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