Compare and contrast domes and basins? Compare and contrast anticlines and domes?



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    In domes, the Earth’s sedimentary layers are first folded so a layer that originally is flat like a pancake will be shaped like an upside-down bowl. That layer, along with the ones surrounding it, are then eroded so the land is flat. If you imagined a bunch of bowls stacked on each other in this fashion, the oldest layer, which is also the layer that is on the bottom of the pile, is in the center of the dome. The basin is exactly the opposite; it has the oldest layer on the outside and could be originally visualized as a bunch of bowls stacked on each other the way they should be.

    Anticlines look like they’re folded into an oval shape more than a circle. The anticline still has its oldest layer in the center of it if it’s eroded flat.

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