compare and contrast cinder cone valcanos, composite cone volcanoes, and shield volcanos.Examples of each?



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    Cinder cones are built from lave particles called cinders that accumulate after lava spews out of a single vent. These are your stereotypical volcanoes, with one big hole on the top that lava flows from. They grow very quickly and reach 250-300 feet tall. One example is Paracutin in Mexico.

    Shield volcanoes are very wide in diameter with a gentle slope (shaped like a Roman shield). They are built of layers of lava that flow out of groups of vents. A good example is Mauna Loa in Hawaii.

    Composite volcanoes are formed by alternating layers made of lava and rock. These volcanoes often form massive peaks and have very explosive eruptions. Composite volcanoes can vary in shape. Examples include Mount Vesuvius in Italy and Mount Ranier in Washington.

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