Compare and contrast aticlines and syniclines?



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    Both are folded rock layers.  Syniclines are folds in which the youngest rock is found at its center, while anticlines are folds in which the oldest rock is found at its center.

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    Anticlines and syniclines are folds in rock layers formed when two rock plates are pressed together.  Rocks have the opportunity of fragmenting or folding when pushed together, and the two are folds.  Anticlines are where the oldest rock is at the core of the fold, and syniclines are where the youngest rock is at the core of the fold.  Anticlines are usually a peak shape, and Syniclines are usually a trough shape.  It is also good to note that anticlyines are natural traps for hydrocarbons and thus often have natural gas and oil reserves.  Syniclines are often natural stores of water because they form natural troughs for the water to go.

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