Common blackbird laid 3 eggs in nest and has not returned for 3 days.

She was around every day until 3 days ago when we began working on our deck. I think we disturbed her and she just abandoned her nest. What to do?



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    The most important thing is to not touch the bird eggs. Egg abandonment is often just a part of nature, and your interference with the eggs could hurt more than it could help. It is also often illegal for a private citizen to be in possession of wild birds’ eggs or nests (see the Migratory Bird Act).

    Sometimes, birds will leave their eggs unattended while laying, so that the eggs will all mature at the same time. However, in your case, it is likely that you presented a threat to the bird, and thus the bird decided not to raise her young in an area perceived as dangerous. You could stop working on your deck and not approach the nest area for a few days, just to see if the bird will come back. If she doesn’t, there is not much else you can do. Leave the eggs alone (they might not even hatch), and let nature take its course. It may be disappointing, but you are doing birds a service by not interfering with them.

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