commercialization of festivals has eroded the real significance of it in our country.

I want an Essay on the topic mentioned above of approximately 2000 words.



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    Presumably you want tips on what to write, not the essay itself. If you want the essay itself, cruise around the Internet looking for one, or buy one from a cheat site. Bear in mind that if a teacher finds out — say through one of the anti-cheat sites — they will fail you. The idea of school is that students write the papers.

    But your essay has all sorts of possibilities for you to take it where you want to express an opinion. To start with, are you feel basically for the commercialization or against it? In your essay you should:

    • Define your terms. What do you mean by “commercialization”? That’s a pretty slippery word, so pick one of the standard meanings. Check a couple dictionaries. I’ve given a URL, below, to start. (Note that the Wikipedia on commercialization is not very helpful for your purpose, but the WordNet one is?)
    • Do a bit of historical research on festivals (that’s a heavy hint, here). You used the term “real significance” so you better be able to define and support what you mean there.
    • Give at least two examples in your essay, one where commercial interests seem bad, and another where they seem good.
    • Draw a conclusion for the reader about whether you think overall commercialism in festivals is good, bad, or somewhere between.
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