for comercial what can i do fo recycle botles o wine cause the town and the property owner do not give me a answer

in my business (restaurant ) every day a lot of bottles of wine goes to the garbage can and i spend some time trying to recycle there is no way that the town and the owners give a answer what can i do who should i call is a lot wasting glass to the garbage i feel terrible



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    You can check online at to find a glas recycling center near you.  You can enter the material you want to recycle, your city or zip code and it will return locations nearby that accept that material.  Glas is widely accepted for recycling across the US, so if there is a recycling bin provided by your waste management company it is likely that you can already put it in there.  If there is no recycling bin provided for your restaurant, you should contact your garbage company and inquire about their recycling services.

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