Is space colonization the answer to our overpopulation problems?



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    No. Not only do we not yet have the technology to terraform other planets or to transport enough people to them to relieve our own population density, but developing the technology would cost more money and resources than it would take to simply lower our own birth rate.

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    No, it is best to plan with the resources and technologies that we currently have, even though new technologies may come along in the future.  I think that education is one of the keys to the problem of overpopulation.  Studies have shown that the more educated a person is, the less likely they are to have children. 

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    Perhaps one day we can use colonization to spread our people out, but not for a very long time. We must make due now, and may have to take drastic steps in the future, ala something like China in which a family may only have a set amount of children. Populations control comes in multiple forms, but most are rather negative. I do not suggest we as humans resort to something like “Logan’s Run” in which a person is killed by a certain age to keep the population stable, but something may have to be done to lower birth rates. In the past, the birth-to-death ratio was about even. As medical advances have been made through history, people have been living longer, but the birth rate hasn’t fallen. Rationing resources is something else we must do on this planet to combat running out. 

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    No, I do not think that space colonization is a viable solution for overpopulation. We do not have the resources, money, or technology to terraform planets, let alone transport billions of people from the planet. Plus, a lot of stuff would have to be considered. There would be a lot of convoluted politics: would it be the responsibility of the UN or each country’s respective governments? How would we raise the money to do such a thing? What about the third world countries that can’t afford it? And this would be one of the biggest problems because rapid population expansion and overpopulation are problems mainly in third world and industrializing nations.

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