Is coke or pepsi worse for the environment?



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    In terms of the beverage and packaging they are pretty much exactly the same.  The differences will come in to play depending on where you live and how far the raw materials had to ship to get there.  Then take into account the efficiency of production, and how they transport their product.  If you lived in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota, you could say they are essentially equal for production and delivery.  Pepsi has a bottling plant in Burnsville, while Coca-Cola has a bottling plant in Eagan. 

    Now we must consider the different green initiatives of the two companies.  Coca-Cola is focused on reducing and re-using the water they need for production and facility management.  They are also focusing on reducing their packaging waste by using re-fillable bulk containers and encouraging a society that recycles.  Pepsi is focused on purchasing renewable energy certificates and they have a LEED certified gatorade production plant.

    If you would like to read more about their individual green efforts, read the following article comparing the two companies efforts.  Either way though, you can say that focusing the competitive nature of these two companies toward the green market will be a win for the planet.

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