Is Coffee Mate bad for you?



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    Coffee Mate has trans fats and partially hydrogenated oil, which aren’t good for your health (they can lead to heart disease). There are different types of Coffee Mate out there so it’s best to read the labels to see what you are consuming.

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    With any processed food, you’re ingesting things that don’t exist naturally in the environment. Humans have evolved closely with a certain way of growing and eating food, and all of a sudden “nutritionalists” (egged on by the food manufacturers,) have changed millions of years of evolution and dietary systems. It’s no wonder heart disease, cancer, and obesity are rising parallel to the rise in processed, genetically modified, and “fast” food. Slow it down, eat real food (yes, even if it isn’t “low fat” or “vitamin infused” etc.) just like mom (or probably great grandma) used to make.

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