Is a coffee greener than a cappuccino?



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    It is not the way in which the espresso beans are ground and brewed that makes it any greener – it is the beans used.  Both require energy to grind the beans and heat and brew the beverages, and both drinks can be made out of the same beans. Even if you are concerned with the use of milk products, it doesn’t make a difference – you can have a soy or rice milk cappuccino.  The winner will be the one who uses the most sustainable methods to farm and transport the coffee beans.

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    I agree. Both coffee and espresso can come from the same beans, so if you are at a cafe, the difference would come down to the milk.  So look for soy milk or alternatives if you are having a cappuccino.  Otherwise, go for the coffee. Either way, ensure that the beans you are buying are fair trade.  Most coffee shops offer them now, and Starbucks should offer to make you a pot if they don’t have it on tap, as they do have fair trade beans.

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