Is coffee cultivation eco-friendly?



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    Coffee’s environmental impacts varies on where and how it is grown. Coffee cultivation contributes to the destruction of natural habitats, pesticide use, soil degradation and water pollution.

    Shade grown coffee can help to preserve forests and prevent the displacement of several diverse species. Coffee grown in full sun requires the destruction of forests to rid the area of trees. Shade grown coffee does not require the removal of surrounding trees.  Shade grown coffee can sometimes cost a little more, since it generally produces a lower yield.

    It is estimated that shade grown coffee saves over two square feet of rain forest per cup. To find shade grown coffee, look for the Rain forest Alliance seal or the Bird Friendly seal on the bag.

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    Fair Trade coffee can also be eco-friendly, ensuring fair labor practice and sustainability in developing areas.  Regulations encourage fair pricing, as well as upholding social and environmental standards.

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