Is a cobra more venomous than a rattle snake?



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    According to, cobras are more venomous than rattle snakes.  Although it seems neither one of them is the most venomous, the title going to Belcher’s Sea snake.

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    That will depend on the particular species, as there about 20-22 cobras and 32 rattlesnakes. Let’s pick the biggest ones for comparison:¬†Crotalus adamanteus, largest rattlesnake and heaviest venomous snake in North America, vs. King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah), longest poisonous snake in the world.

    C. adamanteus can provide about 400-450 mg and up to 1000 mg of poison of LD50 (median lethal dose) of 1.3-2.4 mg/kg. The venomous mixture of proteins causes bleeding and necrosis of the affected tissue, among other effects. Estimated dose to kill a human – 100-150 mg, so we get about 3-10 deadly doses per bite.

    King Cobra packs 380-600 mg of venom with an LD50 of 0.34 mg/kg in one bite. The neurotoxic and cardiotoxic protein mix affects the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, resulting in paralysis, shock, coma, and respiratory failure. That’s sufficient to kill 20-40 adult humans – or even an elephant.

    That clearly places the King Cobra as the winner.

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