Is coal sickness a relatively new disease?



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    No. Coal is harmful to human lungs- this is not something that has developed over time, rather our technology and medicine has so we can see that this is the problem. Mild coal sickness affects one’s lung capacity, and if left untreated will evolve in to a more severe form of it in which fibrous tissue masses actually form in the lungs. This can lead to a number of respiratory diseases which in turn will affect one’s heart. 

    Coal sickness is getting more attention now; several lawsuits are pending in regards to damage done due to coal ash landfills, but this is not a new disease. 

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    The coal industry is bad news in general. They blow out mountains, particularly in the Appalachians. States like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Tennessee are all hard hit by the coal industry from a health and environmental standpoint. There are jobs in the field which help the local economies, but the costs are clearer with each passing day. Take a drive through the Appalachians and you will probably see what I’m talking about.

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