Is coal by far the dirtiest energy source?



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    It really depends on your opinion. Using uranium for energy doesn’t create any byproducts that pollute the air, but they’re kept in containers for thousands of years because they aren’t safe for the environment. Coal, oil, and oil shale are also very bad for the environment. You can go to the site I’ve attached as a citation and create your own opinion on what souce is the worst.

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    Yes – among other things, coal causes asthma and other health problems, destroys mountains, releases toxic mercury into the air, induce acid rain, and releases large climate-altering carbon dioxide emissions.  See the second link below for a more extensive breakdown on coal’s effect on the environment.

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    Yes, it is usually considered the worst, because of the many adverse health effects such as asthma, as well as huge amounts of environemental damage. It is the main pollutant of CO2, as it produces more CO2 than any other resource, it causes dirty air, acid rain, contaminates land and water, mining is very destructive, produces ash and sulfur, and many other things.

    Coal is mainly used so much because it is the cheapest and most abundant resource.

    On the site below you can see interesting facts about coal in your state. And what other states are doing to lower our dependency on coal.

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    I would have to say yes, but I would also consider nuclear power a very dirty, dangerous energy source.  Nuclear power itself is clean, but disposal of nuclear waste is extremely unsafe and there hasn’t been a surefire way to keep the waste from leaking into the environment.  It really is a matter of opinion, but I would also consider nuclear energy a dirty and potentially very dangerous power source.  

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