Is coal the dirtiest way to make electricity?



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    yes solar is the cleanest

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    Producing electricity from coal is the leading cause of acid rain, smog, global warming and air toxics. It releases 3.7 million tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide), 10,200 tons of NOx (Nitrogen oxide), 10,000 tons of SO2 (sulfur dioxide), 700 tons of CO (carbon monoxide), 500 tons of airborne particles which lead to acute asthma attacks, chronic bronchitis, haze and even premature death, 225 pounds of arsenic, 170 pounds mercury, 114 pounds of lead along with other toxic metals and trace amounts of uranium.

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    Coal is definitely one of the dirtiest.  At the same time, it is used because of easy access and abundance as a fossil fuel.  It is even more harmful to the environment than oil: it emits a quarter more CO2 than oil and twice as much as natural gas.  Coal sends a dangerous amount of both CO2 and Hydrogen into the atmosphere when converted.

    This is troubling as more and more companies may turn to the gasification of coal as demand for energy increases with the amount of oil available decreases.

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