As climate change gets worse is it harder for us to produce food?



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    Climate change can, and has, proposed problems for food production. More and more, the world’s weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable. Some areas have gotten hotter and drier (i.e. The Sahara,) while other places are getting more rain, or are colder than usual. This undoubtedly conflicts with an area’s traditional ways of growing crops. Both the types of crops, how they’re grown, and in what quantities, all begin to change. This can have serious consequences to people who are used to eating certain types of food, their jobs as farm workers, or simply as consumers. They may find themselves unable to buy food that used to be readily available or affordable. Technology and innovation can definitely solve (or seam to at least) a lot of the problems of food production, due to things like climate change, population grown, and loss of fertile land by development. Larger, industrialized food operations growing huge amounts of food can feed more people than smaller, sustainable farms. But they do so at a cost; They generally grow one type of crop (usually genetically modified) and are susceptible to diseases, can be less nutritious, and be less available to the surrounding population because the crops are treated as a commodity that is sold to the highest bidder, sometimes thousands of miles away.

    I think that a combination of things have to be done in terms of food production: Grow food sustainably and organically, slow global warming, and reduce population growth. Our everyday choices can accomplish these things, it just takes being mindful of every action.

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