Is climate change exaggerated?



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    answered three weeks ago

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    Both critics of global warming research as well as proponents are guilty of exaggeration. Because it is such a hotbed political and social issue, not just scientific, conclusions and evidence can get twisted and spun to suit a political, social or economic agenda. It is usually up to the individual to seek out impartial, thorough scientific research and be wary of who could be using information for political gain or TV ratings.

    Evidence is strong, however, that the climate is changing, and man-made impact on the environent and wildlife is hard to refute. The idea that the climate change is man-made is often under fire, but strong evidence suggests that it is caused by carbon dioxide emissions. Even in the off chance that it is a freak child of coincidence as some would have us believe, greenhouse gas emissions certainly aren’t harmless, and the Environmental Movement’s agenda still stands in its urgency and importance.

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