Is climate change effecting the pattern of ground freeze in cold climates? If so, how will this effecting those ecosytems?



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    It certainly affects the way the ground freezes in colder climates. Instead of snow falling onto the ground during winter, warmer winters brought on by climate change in the Arctic mean that cold rain falls from the sky more often. This cold rain freezes into ice on the ground. Because the ground may be covered with several hard layers of ice, it makes it difficult for caribou to find food in the winter.

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    Yes, climate change is drastically effecting the freezing patterns.  Temperatures are staying warmer longer into the autumns and animals that rely on cold temperatures for providing food sources are suffering.  Pack ice build up in the Arctic is happening later every year, and hungry polar bears are left on shore to wait.  There are an increasing number of human-bear interactions because of these delays.  Bears are also drowning because the distance offshore to the ice is too far to swim.

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