Is climate change causing more drought?



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    Yes.  Scientific studies show that some areas of the world, such as the Mediterranean, have experienced drought so extreme that it cannot be explained by natural variability.  The winter months in the Mediterranean are generally very wet, but the past 12 winters have been some of the driest in recorded history.  This is so uncharacteristic that the pattern cannot be linked to natural variability, therefore must be a result of anthropogenic climate disruption.

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    The South Pacific Islands are also experiencing one of their worst droughts on record. Rising sea levels have also contaminated their underground freshwater supplies, so they are having desalination machines brought in as a last resort. The islands have already imposed strict water consumption restrictions to help with conservation, but even that won’t last long. For more information, please find the attached article. 

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    This last summer the Midwestern United States suffered an intense drought.  This drought has damaged revenue for corn farmers.  It has also caused a hay shortage for ranchers in Texas.  This shortage is so extreme that many ranchers have been calling on Texas Governor Rick Perry to fund hay shipments from other states.  Texas also continues to suffer some of the worst wildfires in its recorded history.

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