Clear LCD Screen Protector Film

I got my replacement Clear Screen Protector in the mail today after creasing my previous one so I decided to give a little review of it, along with some pics at the bottom.
I’m going to start by saying I love this Clear Screen Protector Film . I tried the one and while I think it’s very good, I just couldn’t feel completely comfortable with the slightly grippy feeling when sliding my finger over the screen.
The [url=]Clear Screen Protector[/url] themselves come with the standard front and back protective masks, along with a rather nifty embossed cleaning cloth (very nice!) and a plastic card for pushing out the bubbles. It’s much better than the crap folded cardboard and tiny “cloth” that gives, although I did prefer to use an actual credit card for the HTC.
The [url=]LCD Screen Protector[/url] I got does have one very light scratch at the top left corner, but fortunately it doesn’t affect the viewing area. I have a spare one but since I took so long to apply this, I’m going to leave it on! I should point out that my first one which I creased had no scratches at all.
I would point out that this does not reduce fingerprints, but since it’s very high quality I no longer worry about scratches when I attack the fingerprint monster that is the HTC with my cleaning cloth.
Coming in at only slightly cheaper than the Screen protector, this isn’t cheap but in my opinion worth every penny. I love it!



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