Clean water or plentiful food supplies– which would save more lives?



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    It’s hard to say and it definitely depends on regionally, but I believe clean water to be more important, as water-borne illness has always been very dangerous and fatal in less developed areas in the world – furthermore access to clean water would increase livestock health and yield and potentially crops as well depending on the terms of the condition.

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    I think clean water is more important. Due to that if people cannot stay hydrated without the threat of illness, then were in trouble. Food can be grown with any infected water.

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    Clean water. Two thirds of the world still does not have access to clean drinking water. Many diseases are spread through dirty water supplies or because people lack the ability to keep hygenic conditions. Clean water is also essential for growing food and livestock and the human body cannot survive for longer than a few days without water.

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    Plentiful food supplies are pretty important too. I think that more people around the world might starve to death than dehydrate. But as a whole, if there wasn’t enough clean water for the world population to sustain, then in that case, clean water would save more lives.

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