Clean lime off tile floor?




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    or this you can go through the any acid cleanrs or vinegar will successfully work and the commercial lime dissolving solutions is also best for this.


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    Limescale buildup can be difficult to remove. A lot of people use heavy duty removers, but these can damage the surface of the thing on which the lime is accumulating. Like lewinedur said, vinegar (a mild acid) is effective in removing lime. Another household item would be lemon juice. Just use a mild acid and bit of elbow grease to remove the lime buildup.

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    Any acidic cleaner should works good. You can also use both vinegar and professional lime dissolving solutions. Wear gloves; don’t get cleaner under your rings, and sponge off with water to protect your grout after removing it.

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    Fill a clean spray bottle with pure vinegar.Spray the vinegar freely over the tiles and wait for a few minutes.If stains are stubborn spray more vinegar and wait a while longer.Simply wipe away with a clean cloth to reveal the shine.

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