is clay a good material for a cooking vessel?



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    Absolutely. Clay pots can be great for slow cooking foods and steaming. Stoneware is also cooking safe. You can make tea in clay tea pots, etc. It is quite versatile. Make sure you check the proper cooking method for each piece that you use, because not all clay is created equal. The link below also includes how to properly clean certain types of clay pots (unglazed).

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    Enameled ceramic cookware is one of the many healthier alternatives to non-stick Teflon (which carries a bevy of chemically-associated health risks) and to stainless steel (which, if scratched, can contaminate food cooked with a mixture of metal ranging from nickel to molybdenum). It is safe to cook with, manufactured in a relatively eco-friendly way, and offers good heat distribution and a negligable non-stick effect.

    Before purchasing ceramic cookware, be sure to check that the enamel used does not contain dangerous metals such as lead, which is often used as a bonding agent.

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