Is the City Center in Vegas really green?



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    It is certainly greener than most of the projects you’ll see in Vegas. Awarded an LEED Gold certification, this group of six hotel, restaurant and spa buildings is definitely innovative in the way it provides luxury without a high footprint. It produces ten percent of its own energy through on-site natural gas protection, and uses the “waste” heat to heat the water in the buildings and pools. They claim to be saving 50 million gallons of water annually, presumably as compared to a conventional center. Their limos run on cleaner natural gas; their casinos are heated from the ground up, which is more efficient that from the top down; and much of the center was made from recycled materials through innovative engineering techniques. There is also a recycling program within the buildings for the guests, and some of the food they eat comes from local, organic farmers.

    In short, the CityCenter is still far from carbon neutral, but they’ve taken most of the big steps that are currently possible for a project of their size and goals.

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