is citric acid bad for the enviornment

By this i mean if poured on my lawn will it be bad



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    If you poured a large concentration of citric acid on your lawn it would cause damage to your plants, but a small amount is often used in mixtures to act as a buffering agent to prevent changes in pH.  pH in soil can effect how well plants can absorb nitrogen, so sometimes citric acid is used as a sort of natural fertilizer.  But again, find out how much to add, you don’t want to overdo it.  You can also use it as a natural ant deterrent (probably want to use that just in the house or entering areas, the whole yard would be a losing battle).  Citric acid is a natural component of the Krebs Cycle, which is part of a plants respiration.  Adding citric acid must be done carefully so as not to hamper their natural glucose transformation.

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    It depends on how much citric acid you use, as citric acid is a relatively weak acid. Using too much acid could alter the pH (per Hydrogen) of your lawn, causing nutrients in the soil to become inaccessible. Plants tend to flourish in a pH of 6.5 to 7.2. The pH of citric acid is about 2-3. Though pH can be altered by man-made fertilizers, this has a negative impact on the environment.

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