As a citizen what steps can I take to encourage a move away from a car culture in the US?



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    In my opinion, the best way for an individual to make a positive change is to start locally.By teaching friends and neighbors about the benefits of alternative transportation, you could have a huge impact on your community.

    One way to encourage others in your community is to help at a bike co-op or a cycling mentor program in your city. If your city does not have any programs to help people ride bikes more, get with friends and neighbors that share your concern to start a program for your community.

    Another way to help in your community is to make sure that your city’s infrastructure is pedestrian and bike-friendly. Talk to your city council about accessible sidewalks around town as well as bike routes to provide a safe way for people to get around without cars.

    The best way to encourage others about using their cars less is to educate them about the benefits of cutting their emissions while saving money and getting a little exercise.

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    I think small steps are the most manageable.  Especially for acting as a leader and be relatable to other people.  Not everyone is ready to move to bike-only, and public transportation isn’t always practical.  Though they are still great methods and should be utilized whenever possible, simply using the car less will have a big impact.  Plan out trips so you’re driving the shortest distance, or conserve how often you go so instead of going 5 times you’re only going once.  If there’s an event you would normally drive to, make an effort to get familiar with public transportation.  Most often, you end up saving money, skip the effort for parking, and sometimes even the time factor is close to the same.

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    If your city does not currently have good public transportation and bike paths or roads made to make commuting easy, you could request these changes.  If there are ballot measures to add to gas taxes you could vote for them.  As the price and taxes on gas increase, more people will minimize their driving and use alternative modes.

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    Write to your congressmen.  tell them that you support mass transit and bikeways.  Tell them to vote for initiatives to help further a more sustainable future.  Even better, start a letter writing campaign, so your congressmen can see that many people support this. 

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    I agree with kayceeann.  Making positive change in the world starts from the ground up.  Start biking to work everyday and make it a point to explain to your coworkers about the benefits of not driving cars.  Also explain that they can use public transportation or carpooling if they have to.  You could even try to get a manager or something to start an environmental incentive/contest to see how much energy/oil you can save by limiting the amount you all drive. 

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