Is Christmas tree farming good for the environment?



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    Good question, Sophie.  There isn’t a clear yes or no answer for this one.  On the one hand, you have people arguing for the benefits of Christmas tree farming, such as the National Christmas Tree Association, who highlights the production of oxygen, as well as how they “stabilize the soil, protect water supplies and provide wildlife habitat.”  While I am not sure to what extent these last three points are beneficial, it does seem that buying a real tree is better than buying a plastic one.

    On the other hand of the argument, however, you have environmentalists, who mainly argue the negative effects of the extensive use of fertilizers and pesticides on the trees.  They say that this use of chemicals effects humans and wildlife, which again, it surely does, but to what extent I cannot say for certain.

    Because it is hard to quantify the full effects of all of these factors, I can’t really say there is a good yes or no answer, sorry!

    Anyway, hope this helps!

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