Is Christmas a sustainable holiday?



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    In conventional terms, no, christmas is not a very sustainable holiday. Many hundreds of trees are cut down and then disposed of and lights that are sometimes not energy efficient are put up and often run all night long. There are ways to make this holiday season more green, from buying an organic christmas tree, to using energy efficient light decorations. Please refer to the link below for more tips on making this christmas a little more green.

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    The enormous amount of wrapping paper is also a huge problem that contributes to Christmas not being a very green holiday.  People love to wrap (and unwrap) presents and the bigger the present, the funnier it is when it’s wrapped so people will go out of their way to wrap large and unusal gifts like cars, canoes, huge stuffed animals, etc.  Most times the wrapping paper is not made from recycled paper and is just thrown away afterwards, creating huge amounts of unnecessary waste and trash. 

    This problem can be solved by not wrapping presents at all (though where’s the fun in that!?), or wrapping using other creative and recycled materials like silk scarves, paper bags from the grocery store that you decorate, or by placing said gift inside something else (like an old box for something else) and then surprising the giftee when he opens it!  

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