Is Chlorine just a type of bleach?



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    Chlorine is more than just a type of bleach. It can be made into a breach, but it is actually the seventeenth element.

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    Chlorine is a non-metallic element that is actually a greenish yellow gas. It is not naturally found in a free state, but instead is most frequently found as sodium chloride or salt. It has many uses aside from being used in bleach, such as a disinfectant and purifier, and in the manufacture of plastics and polymers. It is also used in the production of medicines to treat allergies and arthritis.

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    When most people think chlorine, they think of the disenfectant in the water supply or what goes in pools. That is actually sodium hypochlorite and is an oxidizer. Sodium hypochlorite is used as a broad spectrum disenfectant because as an oxidizer it basically reacts and destroys organic material. Household bleach is also sodium hypochlorite.

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