Is chlorine the best way to treat drinking water that we have?



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    100 % Chemical free pools are possible through ionisation.

    A number of researches have shown that the use of chlorine in pool water are directly linked to cases of cancer, asthma, still births, heart disease, spontaneous abortions and general breathing problems, not to mention the itchy eyes and irritated skin, which everybody is familiar with who has been swimming in a chemically treated pool. All scientific studies are viewable at:

    To avoid the use of any kind of chlorine, chemical, sanitizer or salt, it is best to use the ionisation
    system as it is almost maintenance free, effective and affordable. Learn more:

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    Chlorine is one chemical that does kill a lot of the microbes that could infect us in the water, but UV rays are also a very good way to purify water. Also, natural purification systems like watershed systems are very good at treating water. NYC gets all of its drinking water from 3 watershed systems and several reservoirs in upstate NY. This water flows through the watershed and gets cleaned as it moves through the ground, and through the watersheds. Other than some fluoride, the water is not treated before it reaches the tap.

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