Is chlorine bad for you?



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    Chlorine is used in many places besides swimming pools. You will find it anywhere from your drinking water (it’s used in water treatment plants) to your clothing (if you use bleach) to paper. It has a strong, pungent odor and, when inhaled, it can be poisonous and/or cause respiratory problems in a concentrated (undiluted) form. It may not necessarily be good for you, but it is often used to ward off bacteria that, if not checked, can cause far more damage than chlorine. I wouldn’t worry about chlorine in general. Drinking water is higly regulated, so you won’t come ingest dangerous levels of the stuff in this way. Steer clear of heavily treated pools and bleach if you have sensitive skin. If, for any reason, you inhale or ingest chlorine in its concentrated form, see a doctor immediately.

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    Chlorine gas is very bad for you, but we also need chlorine to live. We need salt, sodium chloride, to function.  If we eliminated all salt from our diets we’d die from electrolytic imbalance.

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