Is chipotle an environmentally conscious company?



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    Chipotle has introduced some environmental friendly cutlery and has instituted some “green” restaurants with a “six-kilowatt wind turbine on-site to generate about 10 percent of the restaurant’s electrical needs,” according to It’s also reported that Chipotle will be installing solar panels on 75 of their restaurants. However, Chipotle is owned by McDonald’s–notorious for producing cheap products at the expense of animals and human health alike.

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    Chipotle has made a lot of movements to pride themselves on their environmental consciousness. A portion of their ingredients are certified organic, which they claim reduces the use of pesticides by nearly 110,000 pounds. They also claim on their website that they do their best to find local or family-owned farms to provide their ingredients, and as jet mentioned, they’re focusing not just on their food, but their buildings as well. 

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    The Chipotle in Gurnee, Illinois built in 2008 is exemplary of the company’s commitment to sustainability, being the first restaurant in the United to be granted a platinum LEED certification.  It contains features such as a 6-kilowatt wind turbine, recycled drywall and barn metal, non-toxic paints, LED lighting, sun reflective asphault, and even water collectors that harvest rain “to irrigate the landscape.”

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