“Chinese team invincible!”

“Come on, nfl jerseys china,China!”

“Scored the ball, do not let the German looked down upon!”

“Romantic Swordsman, the you gotta play it!”

“Long-range, long-range, long-range ……”

Chinese fans began the great solidarity of the home team some veteran fans to the players according to the situation in the field, Weapon, German team is not long people keep the restricted area? Then at the periphery long shots, ah, feel once like Li blast, Ouyang wild, Ge front to find the shooter, a red one-third of the rain outside line to the German team to their big men are stupid!

In fact, these fans really know the ball, it is imperative the Chinese team someone must hit the outside third to ease Germany captain furrowed restricted area brought defensive pressure.

Just the kind of work in threes, sometimes depends on feeling, super platinum generation several players, once you find the feeling, continuous and shoot the kind of genius, however, lose the feeling, there may The how not hit, although few such times, but that does not mean that there is no.

Unfortunately, the German team four players over 210 cm interference, Wholesale Coach Handbags,several players of the Chinese team is still showing the young instability.

Serve the Chinese team backcourt, the German team is still the old strategy, to give up the game marking the first flight, stupid duck the big lead back frontcourt, drop a good defensive position.

Harman’s task is entangled Asia trapeze Ge Feng, so he is the only exception, from the tee, Harman’s like sticking plaster firmly affixed to live Ge Feng, let him calmly took the ball.

Before once said Nowitzki, the German team to beat the host country, must be brought under control in Asia the trapeze Ge Feng, seems to take on this difficult task, is known as the “go-getter” mad dog Harman.

Harman nothing particularly outstanding, the only advantage is to dare desperately, the saying goes, “horizontal afraid stunned, stunned not afraid of life, the face of Harman this play to life, not much Ge Feng way, after all, he will have to take into account their own health, and do not want to lead to accidental injury because the positive proposition and opponents.

It should be said, he choose to trust your teammates, his full play, get rid of the Harman is not a problem, but Ge Feng not fool enough all the time to make every effort, the time for rehabilitation, he will still control rhythm, offensive tasked teammates better.

Him vote teammates, rarely let him down.

Even if disappointed, just a moment, I instead.

To frontcourt, the Chinese team with high cover Paowei Policy basketball down a lap later, Lee winds of Ouyang wild to block, and then the Ge front of the ball in the hands of speak to the Romantic Swordsman Li blast leaps, without hesitation, shot long-range one-third!

Just like last time, when the blast Lee takeoff, the German team four long who also followed the take-off, four pairs of arms aloft, interference with Lee blasts of sight!

Li blast also suffered the same experience of Yi Jianlian, the eyeful dense mass of heads and the aspect of the arm, only 1.98 meters, he could not find the basket!

His hand and posture is still so beautiful, but lost the sense of purpose, the striker can not find the basket, basketball draw the arc is still beautiful, just a little biased …

When basketball shells out of the basket, wholesale nfl jerseys,Yi Jianlian bravely stormed inside, surrounded by the other four big rose in stature, rebounding ……

Just fists face four hands, and the anger felt by Kaman playing very bloodthirsty, his chest muscles abruptly slightly emaciated United Arab forced open, and then shouted, caught rebounds!

Chinese team two successive three-point attempt failed, the German team’s long man defense showed the enormous power of the air they occupy.

Defense, anti must live in this ball! ”

“Prevent the German goal!”

“You can!”

“Chinese team invincible!”

Fans worried just finished Chinese team’s offensive began to worry about the defense of the Chinese team, they do not want to see Germany

Will points difference the looming to 10 points or less, In that case, the Chinese team’s hard work to establish the advantage they almost do not exist, has just begun the second half of the match, the points difference is a single-digit for the German team to catch up with the host should not The difficult thing.

“No. 1 defensive tactics captain Feng Ge front of his teammates call for such a sentence, although the coach did not have any instructions, but as a captain he is field coach, he has the right to change tactics and strategies based on market situation he said, only teammates can understand.

In prompt of Gorbachev front, the Chinese team to give up a full-court press marking, because the height of the gap is too big, jerseys from china,and so forced to re-tight useless, they switched to a zone defense, stuck in a critical position, the big men to The peripheral drive away, let them close to the restricted area.

Ge Feng strategy is very smart, the big man is driven to the periphery, so that they stay away from the restricted area, and is the best way to reduce their lethality.

They just forget the Lord Nowitzki, the German team, he can be fired in any corner of the venue, withdraw to the perimeter-thirds vote has always been one of his forte, replaced by a defense of the Chinese team, Dirk Nowitzki moved on to his favorite position, the third of the right side of the top of the key, calmly glanced basket, pull up jump shot!



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