Is China’s population going to get a lot bigger if they remove the 1 child rule?



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    previously addressed to some extent:

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    If China’s one-child policy were to be removed, then the population would likely grow, seeing as “since 1979, the law has prevented some 250 million births” according to Time Magazine (1). However, this population growth would not be entirely negative. China is currently facing labor shortages, with the ratio of workers to retirees expected to drop to 2 to 1 by 2040. Additionally, because Chinese parents face fines for having more than one child, female infanticide is at high rates. With its growing economy, China would likely find ways to account for food deficits, and would eventually benefit from the removal of this policy. However, Chinese officials are not considering removing this policy for at least another decade to avoid a large baby boom from “childbearing-age” citizens.

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    China’s birth rate had already been in decline before the implementing of the one child policy.  Typically the more developed a nation becomes, and the higher the standard of living gets, the birth rate tends to stabilize around 1.5-2.  There is an excellent article in National Geographic about population increases you can check out here.  I think China might boom for awhile, but otherwise follow trends seen in other first world countries.

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