Is China thinking of getting rid of their 1 child rule?



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    China will continue their one child policy through 2010 and the Minister of the State Commission of Population and Family Planning Zhang Weiqing said that the program would continue indefinitely because of the country’s population growth goals. However the rule may be lifted to include 2 children per household. Not everyone in China is limited to that rule. Those living in rural areas are permitted to have as many children as they would like.

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    It is possible the China will soon discontinue its 1 child rule or extend it to 2 children because there is a social problem happening with this law. The Chinese culture tends to favor male children and with people only being allowed one child, a male child is favored and unfortunately there are a lot of late term abortions of female fetuses. This is creating a huge gender gap, for every 10 man in China (born since the law was implemented), there is 1 female. Therefor, there are a large number of single men, which will lead to less and less children as time and generations go on. 

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