Is China more polluted than what we see in the media?



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    It all depends on which media you are talking about. The mainstream media will not cover the pollution of any country since it is not news that most of their viewers consider interesting. The center for Disease control and the environmental department of the United Nations do release studies of China’s pollution problem when they can get information. The main problem is China is a closed country. Without specific permission, foreigners cannot gain access to the country. China does not allow people to speak ill of their internal problems, so little information about much of anything is released through media.

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    Yes, and the most recent olympics is perfect evidence of this. Many participants recorded problems with the air quality in Biejing. If the olympic comittee had open access to environmental conditions in China, it could have altered their decision of whether or not to have the olympics there.


    Notice how the next olympics will be in Brazil, a country known for being a world leader in renwable energy production, good choice.

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