As China keeps growing do you think they will be able to provide all of their energy without using Nuclear power?



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    China already has 14 nuclear power plants in operation, 25 under construction, and many more planned.

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    Two state-owned nuclear power producers, the China National Nuclear Corp and the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, provide the majority of nuclear power in China.  However, nuclear power currently only makes up 2.7% of the country’s electricity.  Long term plans for more nuclear power plants will bring that amount up to 10% by 2020.

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    Indeed, China already uses nuclear energy, as referenced by jfulgenc and phillius. Still, there are certain places in China that have garnered media attention for energy solutions that produce no greenhouse gas emissions. Home-scale biogas digesters have become popular in Sichuan Province, as mentioned in the article linked below. This example shows that energy can be produced and consumed on a large scale without resorting to harmful technologies, such as nuclear energy.

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