Is chicken better than turkey for you?



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    Turkey is healthier than chicken (and especially healthy if it’s organic!)

    Turkey is richer in calcium than any other meat. A 3.5 oz. serving of dark meat has 32 milligrams of calcium, compared to 11 milligrams for light-meat chicken and 12 milligrams beef sirloin. White turkey is also lower in calories than any other meat, including chicken.

    Turkey is low in cholesterol, has less saturated fat than any other meat, and has a better ration of polyunsaturated to saturated fats, while also offering more protein per portion than chicken.

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    The truth is that both chicken and turkey are fairly healthy for you when they are prepared properly. Get rid of the skin, eat the white meat, don’t fry the meat in the thick oils and don’t add sauces or gravies that will add a lot of calories. With those basic preparation rules in mind, you should be able to eat either chicken or turkey without there being too much of a health difference to concern you.

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