Is the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site safe for human habitation?



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    No, it has been made uninhabitable for centuries.

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    The Chernobyl site is uninhabitable, and the city of Chernobyl is a ghost town today. Many people, including 200 plant workers, experienced serious illness as a result of the disaster, and by 1992 over 6,000 cases of radiation death have been reported in the Ukraine. The disaster also impacted the dairy and meat industries and rendered much of the product poisoned by radiation. The effects of the meltdown have been wide-spread, but are most concentrated in the area around the site, which will remain unsafe to live in for a long time.

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    No. Ironically, it appears to be a haven for wildlife. Rare species such as lynx, Przewalski’s horses, and eagle owls now inhabit the area. Birds tend to use the abandoned buildings to build their nests in and plants now thrive in the area.

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