Chemistry A-Level Mock Exam Question?!

Dear Sirs,

I am studying Chemistry A Level and this question has came up on our mock exam, I would usually ask for help from the chemistry teacher but he’s broken his leg and we do not have a replacement yet. I tried Googling it and looking in a library but they do not know so please help.

Question is: A recent scenario analysis has suggested that global emissions of CO2 from energy-related activities (electricity generation, transportation, industry etc.) could reach 57 GtCO2 y–1 by 2050, assuming there is no intervention to reduce emissions.

(i) Convert this figure to GtC y–1.

(ii) Calculate the percentage increase that this represents from the global CO2 emissions in 2011 of 3.06 x 104 MtCO2 y–1.

Thank you for any help,
Faithfully Molly.



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