Is a cheese pizza better than a meat pizza for earth?



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    When picking up a slice, opt for the one without meat. A 2006 UN report named the meat industry as “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.” Consuming one pound of meat emits the same amount of greenhouse gasses as driving 40 miles in an SUV. The majority of these gases come from nitrous oxide in manure and methane released by bovine.

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    Yes.  It’s also better for your health and lower in calories.  For example, a standard slice of cheese pizza is typically about 230-250 calories.  A piece of pepperoni or other meat slice ranges between 280-350 calories.  However, the best option out of all of them is a veggie slice, which is about 215 calories.  It’s also better for the environment and more sustainable.

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    As with anything, it depends on who you ask and of course what your definition of better is, but as cfraissi and lfw2887, most people would agree that meat is bad for the environment — and you!  It is loaded with fat and saturated fat and unless it’s organic and all natural, also contains loads of chemicals and additives that your body just doesn’t need (or want).  Also, in terms of the physical environment a study in 2009 concluded that reducing our intake of beef and bacon would lower the cost of climate change by up to $20 trillion dollars and would lead to “the creation of a huge new carbon sink” because new vegetation would be given the chance to grow on land previously used by the meat industry. 

    We haven’t even talked about flavor yet.  As most veggies would attribute to, you can create quite a robust and tasty flavor by adding vegetables, tofu, fruit and herbs & spices to flavor your pizza instead of just loading up on meat.  Plus, the possibilities are endless, there are 100s of veggie combos that can be created that will blow any pepperoni combo out of the water.  

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