Is charcoal drawing bad for the environment?



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    There’s no hard evidence to say that charcoal drawing would be bad for the environment. I would say it’s the same with most medium on paper art, and say that the only bad thing for the environment would be disposal of supplies. If you’re not recycling the supplies that can be recycled, or disposing of certain supplies in the recommended ways, then it could potentially be bad for the environment. The website below is a seller of charcoal portraits, and in the description it says that all of their drawings are environmentally-friendly. The charcoal may give off some charcoal dust while drawing with it, but it’s not bad for your health to use it, so I would assume that it’s okay for the environment as well. I hope this helps! 

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    It depends on how far you want to look into it. Charcoal drawing does mean that you’re using paper which contributes to deforestation, and charcoal isn’t great for the environment. But going a little further, charcoal can often be harvested from the rainforests which are rapidly diminishing. So, using charcoal could mean that you’re contributing to the deforestation of the rainforests. But, I undertand how appealing charcoal art is, so if you truly must use it as your medium, just make sure that you don’t use any more than you have to and recycle whatever you can.

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