Is centralized heating better or worse environmentally?



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    Traditional centralized electric heaters use up a lot of energy and often cause our electric bills to skyrocket especially during the winter. But there are some green tips you can put into practice to ease this burden. Make sure the air filter are always clean. “When a filter is clogged with the dirt and other pollutants which it works to take out of the air in your system, it makes the system itself work harder to pull more air through it” – which would mean that more energy and money is wasted in the process. Also, make sure that there are no leaks in the duct as this can result in lost heat.

    Of course the best alternative to the traditional heaters are combination water and space heating systems. “These environmentally friendly units not only create hot water for your home but also use that energy to heat your building. These can use your existing ventilation duct work, but will cut your electricity consumption considerably.” Solar ducts are also worth looking into.

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