Is central park a protected area for animals?



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    No, but there is an area within the park that acts as a “safe-haven” for the animals there. The link below describes it. 

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    Yes, there are many laws and regulations that are in effect throughout New York City, therefore, animals that are safe to humans are protected, and other animals that are dangerous, such as bears, aren’t allowed. The protection offered depends on the animal that is of concern. Squirrels and chipmunks are definately protected. But if an animal that is there is dangerous, it will likely be removed.

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    I would think that any acts of violence or poaching within central park would be more than just frowned upon.  Animal protection and animal cruelty laws would be in effect within Central Park to the same degree as within the rest of the city. 

    There is no mention of protected species within the park, however they do have a Zoo, and a non-profit organization titled the “Central Park Conservancy”.  The Conservancy is responsible for much of the well-being of park, and most importantly the “protection of 150 acres of lakes and streams from pollution, siltation, and algae.”  After all if the water is healthy, the animals will be healthy.

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