Celebrities have the money to help the environment are they helping as much as they should?



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    This is a matter of opinion. There are some celebrities that are huge supporters of green action, however, there are many celebrities that are not. I think that EVERYONE needs to take as many steps as they can to help the environment, whether or not they are a celebrity shouldn’t matter.

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    Celebrities may have more power in bringing light to an issue than they do in giving their money. Simply getting more people to think about these issues and consider changing their lifestyles may have more impact overall than funneling money into programs that are attempting to achieve similar effects. I think that if people realize that even celebrities don’t just want money and wealth but also care for the planet, more people will realize that their life mission should also align with the more long term environmental outlook.

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    I would have to agree with the first post.  Yes, I think that it is great when celebrities use their attention in beneficial ways, but I do not necessarily believe that it is their responsibility to make all of the contributions.  I just finished up taking a PR class and learned that individuals make a significantly higher number of donations than corporations do.  It is possible that we are not giving enough credit to those who actually do make an effort.

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