The causes of the War of 1812 were?



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    see the link or check a history book.

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    The causes of the War of 1812 are many, but some consider it to have stemmed from continuing tension between Britain and America that had not settled after the American Revolution ended. This tension fueled the fire of issues contributing the War. Britain was having a war with France which America, due mostly to trade interests, remained neutral in. Britain implemented trade restrictions with the French that the Americans did not care for, in declarations and physical blockades to French ports. Also, Britain had been supportive of the Native American’s aggression toward the Americans, whose defeat could keep the Americans from expansion. The British also continued to “impress” or basically enslave men into the Royal Navy, sometimes seizing American men from their own ships. This and many other greivances and insults led to the war that has been called the Second War of Independence.

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