causes for deforestation



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    Two of the major causes of deforestation of the amazon are clearing forest for agriculture through slash and burn tactics, and clearing for grazing land for cattle.  Deforestation in the western United States and Canada is largely due to logging for lumber.

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    Causes for deforestation are:-

    a)developing agriculture over the land .(in america large amount of deforestation was  done for agriculture in 1880s)

    b)slash and burn agriculture practices.(in india in the name of jhumming )

    c)commercial purpose like making furniture.(increased demand of furniture due to increasing population and incomes)

    d)used as firewood in some areas.

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    Slash-and-burn agriculture may cause temporary deforestation, but many indigenous groups have historically used this technique in a sustainable manner, cultivating a plot of land for a small span of time then moving on to a different area of forest. Burning an area of forest can release nutrients into the soil, helping crops to grow with success. After maybe 5-7 years, a certain patch would be left to nature, yet produce from fruit trees could still be collected. Over the passing of time, regrowth in the forest returns it to a natural-looking state. In contemporary times, widespread deforestation by industries and struggles over land claims have severely reduced the available forest space, causing communities who practice slash-and-burn to experience cultural and lifestyle changes.

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