Catching rats in a chicken coop

Rats keep invading my chicken coop and eating the eggs. I used to catch a rat a day with a spring-loaded trap, but now the rats have figured out how to trip it without getting caught, so that’s no longer an option. From what I have read about anticoagulant rat poisons, that would be a bad idea for my chickens. I am considering switching to a glue trap, but I would like to know if there are any other options out there. If anyone has a creative way of catching rats, please let me know 🙂



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    I would definitely not use poison or the traps, not only could they hurt your hens, but it causes a lot of suffering. I had the same problem, and what worked really well for me was the live trap (Havahart I would find a rat in it in the morning and take it to a far away park to be released. Also, making the coop harder to get into. cover all holes, etc.

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